Global colors

There are 2 options to customize HomeID global colors:
  1. Customize global colors via Sass variables
  2. Replace global colors in CSS

Customize global colors via Sass variables

In case you want to create your own color scheme - the fastest and painless way to do that is via Sass variables.

Simply copy necessary variable from scss/bootstrap/_variables.scss file and paste to site/_assets/scss/_theme-variables.scss, then compile new themes.min.css file either using Gulp in Working with Gulp sections for instructions.

If you want to add new your custom variable, go to site/_assets/scss/_custom-variables.scss and append the end of file.

Blelow is the screenshot of the part of Sass variables file responsible for global colors:

Global colors

Replace global colors in CSS

This is the hardest way to do things done. I don't recommend it but if you prefer vanilla CSS you can replace all color hex values inside homeid/dist/css/themes.min.css with your own using "find and replace" panel of you code editor. Refer to the image above as a guidance.